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San Diego Condo Sales Specialist

What is the single most important contributing factor to selling your condo for the highest dollar amount in the shortest period of time? The answer is always exposure. Every agent has their systems for creating it, but how can you really tell who is the most effective?

Traditional real estate agents rely on print marketing to get listings. You see their faces in the mail every month and you read about their success in local and specialized print publications. They make sure to let you know every time they get a new listing because they want you to think of them when it comes time to selling your condo.


While print marketing is a tried and true test for obtaining new listings, it does very little in terms of attracting actual buyers to your listing. According to national statistics for condo sales in urban markets, more than 80% of condo buyers are searching for their future condo purchase from outside of their the target purchase area; and, the medium for that search is the internet.

Our analytics tell us that the locations of viewers for our listings are coming from destinations other than the listing location more than 75% of the time. Of the 25% of viewers that are searching the listings from the local market, at least half of those viewers are actually sellers trying to keep in touch with the market. Given the above, 90% of potential buyers for your condo will come from a destination other than yours.

Since the buyer of your condo will not be from the immediate area, your listing will be best promoted online. That's where we come in. The Condo Showroom is quickly becoming the most sought after search tool for condo buyers both nationally and internationally.

Our search tools and exposure to foreign markets make us the industry leader for condo searches and we continually strive to improve buyer's experience. If we can locate the buyer for our listings, the chances of closing the transaction with minimal complications are very high.

With that said, simply being in front of more buyers than other real estate brokers and agents is not the complete solution for the condo selling process. The second component of The Condo Showroom's services is the identification of a real estate professional that is: local, experienced in condo sales, and has the requisite characteristics of a top producing realtor capable of negotiating the highest price point for your condo.

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Listing San Diego Condos For Sale

Chances are that when you bought your condo, you spent a long time determining several factors before finally choosing the condo you did. In your opinion, the value of your condo is based on those factors. It is very important that the real estate advisor that you hire understand the valuation of the condo for those reasons as well.

The Condo Showroom Realtors are experienced in condo sales. Their commitment to understanding the value of your condo is second to none. Rest assured that your Condo Showroom Real Estate Professional will do their due diligence and make sure that your condo is listed at a price point that represents the current market conditions and will not let your condo be used. The goal is always to set the market and each Condo Showroom Realtor will strive to meet that goal.

The following is some of the criteria and topics we use to locate the best partner agent available in your city:

Question protocol

  • What is your experience with buildings in litigation or SB 800? Have you worked with both buyers and sellers on transactions with buildings in litigation?
  • How do you represent the seller in terms of pre-paid items like HOA doc prep fees?
  • Do you question the buyer's lender before reviewing the offer with the seller?
  • Once escrow is opened, how do you keep the buyer on track and in compliance with the condo certification process?
  • When you take a condo listing, do you check the certification of VA and FHA loan status? If expired, are you able to coordinate the HOA through a re-certification?
  • What is the value of a view and orientation in any given building?
  • Are you familiar with the city's building approval plans and projections for new construction?
  • Have you handled new construction sales before?
  • What improvements would you suggest to a seller before listing the condo for sale?
  • What is the marketing plan for a listing? How will your plan change for distinguished condos with a very narrow buyer market?
  • Have you handled investment purchases?
  • How do you determine investment value?
  • Have you completed a 1031 exchange

The Condo Showroom Realtors that we partner with have all gone through this test and much more. We want to make the condo selling process the best it can be by creating the maximizing exposure possible for your condo listing and partnering with the best real estate advisors in the business to facilitate the transaction.

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