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Our unique Real Estate Firm specializes in listing and selling condos in the Seattle metro area. We provide local information, events and individual building details for the main areas of Seattle including Belltown, Pioneer Square, Queen Anne Hill and Downtown. No other website offers as extensive information in the Seattle area. We offer the most original and accurate information of all the condo buildings from First Hill to the Waterfront.
Selling Seattle Condos is What We Do
We don’t just employ any real estate professionals in the Seattle area; we strive to take the time and find the right local agent and broker for the Seattle condo market. Our agents are extremely familiar with the Seattle area, neighborhoods, communities and buildings. We require our agents and brokers to have extensive knowledge of not only the area but condo sales transaction that are more in-depth and detailed than a typical real estate transaction. Condo transaction can have their own issues and contingencies and our agents are skilled and trained to deal with just about any type of condo situation.

Our expert care in selling condos in Seattle can really make a dramatic difference to the seller’s bottom line. We offer cost saving strategies and offer secrets to only our clients giving them a competitive edge in selling their home.
Developed By a Real Estate Broker
You want the facts when researching Seattle condos, lofts and townhouses. Because our site was designed and constructed by professional real estate agents, not just website creators, we can offer you only the best and most precise information you need in order to make an informed decision on buying or selling a Seattle condo. You won’t find any unwanted or unnecessary advertisements on our website nor will you be hassled to fill out mindless contact forms. You can feel comfortable and free to browse all listings in all area and in all buildings and when you’re ready, you can contact us through the listing or on our contact page to ask more questions, list your condo or view a listing up close and personal.

We offer a free consultation and property valuation on your Seattle condo, loft, penthouse or townhouse.
Seattle Condo Transaction
We only sell Seattle condos. We don’t finance condos because of the conflict of interest. We offer you the most accurate information on all Seattle condos and can offer the right information to your lender that could be vital to the transaction. Call (619) 208-1852 to connect with our Seattle Condo Expert.


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The Condo Showroom is an online search resource for condos. Our goal is two fold: first, we constantly improve our site to make sure that we offer the quickest and easiest way to search condos. Second, we partner with the most qualified agents in your search area that understand the differences between selling condos and homes. It is our core principal to create a website that you can browse anonymously. You decide when you are ready to have a discussion with us about buying or selling a condo. – Joe Marcotte CEO